Out in the Wild

Posted 2014-12-02 09:41 PM GMT

Learning to Program, cover image

About two years ago in a conversation with my friend Seth McLaughlin I mentioned that I had been thinking about writing a book about learning to program. Seth is a good friend. He is also very honest, so when he didn't laugh in my face I took it to mean he thought that I really could write a book.

As of a few weeks ago that book, Learning to Program is officially available, out in the wild. I am really excited, but also quite nervous. With this book, I have put myself and my knowledge out there in the public eye to be scrutinized and judged. I wrote my first line of code less than 7 years ago. I have never taken programming course (unless Udacity counts, and I think it does). Now I am out there telling the world how to learn to program.

I don't know everything. I did a lot of studying for this book, to make sure my understanding and explanations were as close to the truth as possible. I continue to learn every day. I am probably not the most qualified person to write a book on programming, but I was willing and the book needed to be written. I hope it can help make learning to program enjoyable instead of painful.